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Unique Approach

Building Relationships

  Building Relationships – We desire to build long term client relationships. We view this as the most important aspect of our firm’s culture. We strive to know everything about your personal situation and what makes you unique. Having this knowledge affords us the opportunity to deliver the best level of service and care to our clients.

Client/Advisor – We tailor our services to our client’s personal situation. Each Managing Partner will limit the number of households they service to approximately seventy five.  This gives us the ability to communicate more frequently with our clients to further deepen our personal relationship.
Team-Based Approach

  Team-Based Approach – All financial plans and investment allocation strategies are developed in partnership with you, the client, and the managing partners. Each partner is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. This approach allows multiple perspectives to determine the most appropriate and comprehensive financial solution.
Cost Efficient Investing
  Cost Efficient Investing –  Our actively managed portfolios will incorporate exchange traded funds (ETF’s) and individual fixed income as core positions in each portfolio in an effort to reduce costs, enhance consistency and promote tax efficiency.

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